Friday, February 19, 2016

Saint-Ex's Beautiful Philosophy

I've spent the last few nights finishing off Wind, Sand and StarsOverwhelming even the craftsmanship of his well rounded-tales, the beautifully humanistic nature Saint-Exupery's underlying philosophy is the most intoxicating aspect of this collection of memories.  Condensing the diverse expressions of this book into a single moral interdict is futile, but here I'll essay it nonetheless.

The general imperative I've absorbed from the worldly experiences of Saint-Exupery is this:
Love life; both yours and your fellow man's.  Develop yourself based upon the inner truth you discover in your interests, and respect the truths of others.
The message seems to me an embellishment upon the call of Orwell to treat others with a sentiment of 'common human decency.'  It is a fine creed, unfettered by the expectations of secular or religious rewards.  I have likely oversimplified the thoughts of this remarkable man, but I feel that I have at least absorbed the spirit of its beautiful meaning.

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